Customer Video Gallery

Welcome to our Video Gallery. This is a gallery of videos taken by some of our customers of their models using our sound systems. We welcome videos from all our customers

What's New:

September 23, 2017

New ShockWave2-Plus with 8GB microSD card and 180+ sounds available exclusively on (Available Globally)

May 29, 2017

New T-45 Goshawk trainer airplane sound set now available bringing our total airplane sounds to 99!!

May 19, 2017

New Douglas SBD Dauntless airplane sound set now available bringing our total airplane sounds to 98!!

March 17, 2017

New Sikorsky S-76C helicopter sound set now available bringing our total helicopter sounds to 37!!

Customer Video Gallery

Welcome to our Customer Video Gallery. If you'd like to submit a video, please email us at

Click on the pictures below to see the videos. Some are shot in high Definition. To view them in HD, click on the HD button in the YouTube panel.

ShockWave, F18
Glenn Maynard
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
ShockWave2, Spitfire
Mike McCormick
Alexandria, MN, United States
ShockWave2, Airwolf Bell 222
Adrian Burnham
Kesgrave, Suffolk, England
ShockWave2, Albatross C.I.
Mark Davis
Carlsbad, CA, United States
ShockWave, MD500 Helicopter
Bill Blair
Berea, Kentucky, United States
ShockWave, GP J3/Super Cub
Grant Louis
Westfield, MA, United States
ShockWave, P51 Mustang
Dymond USA LLC
NC, United States
ShockWave, 1936 Aeronca LC
Frank Wercinski
Montgomery, AL, USA
SFX6, R22 Helicopter
Hector Betancourt,
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
SFX6, Pfalz E V
Ing. Kamil Horáček
Galanta, Slovakia
SFX6, Fieseler Storch
Claus Grimm
Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia
SFX6, P51 Mustang
Rod Campbell
Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
SFX6 Lockheed Super Constellation
Fernando Pinto
Sintra, Portugal
SFX6, deHavilland Beaver
Willy Fisset
Diefmatten, France
SFX6, Pilatus Porter
TurboProp Jump Plane
Ted Callahan
Magnolia, Texas, United States
SFX6, Sherman Tank
Doug Johansson
Briar Hill, Victoria, Australia
SFX6, Sopwith Camel
Tim Mackey, Colwyn Bay
Wales, United Kingdom
SFX6, Mona's Ilse Ferry
Roy Cheers, Dundas
Ontario, Canada
SFX6, Fokker DVII
John Falconer
British Columbia, Canada
SFX5.3, SE5
Guy Fawcett
Devon, Alberta, Canada
ShockWave, RNLI Lifeboat
Alan Turner
Rowley Regis, United Kingdom
ShockWave, A1 Skyraider
Brandon Moon
Acworth, GA, United States