ShockWave 3 Software

Free, small Windows PC Applications for checking the board firmware version in SFX7/ShockWave/ShockWave2/ShockWave3 sound modules.

What's New:

April 25, 2022

New Serial Bus Feature supports Spektrum SMART ESCs, Graupner SUMD, Futaba S.Bus and many more. Greatly simplifies wiring with a compatible Serial Bus Receiver.

February 15, 2022

New Learjet 35-70 executive jet sound set added bringing our total airplane sound sets
to 123.

November 06, 2021

New Shelley Foss Tugboat sound set added bringing our total boat sound sets to 75.

September 27, 2021

New RNL Tamar Class lifeboat sound set added bringing our total boat sound sets to 74.

September 05, 2021

Many Battleship/Warship sound sets added bringing our total boat sound sets to 73.

ShockWave Firmware Version Checkers for Windows

Available here are free downloads of small Windows programs that allow the firmware version inside an SFX7, ShockWave, ShockWave 2 or ShockWave 3 sound module to be checked and reported.

These downloads are ZIP files. Please open them up in Windows Explorer to extract the installer executable contained inside the ZIP file.

Be sure to MAKE A BACKUP of the downloaded ZIP file on two separate storage devices, either internal or external.

This is Windows only software and is not compatible with Macintosh or Linux operating systems.

  1. ShockWave 3 Firmware Version Checker

  2. ShockWave 2/ShockWave/SFX7 Firmware Version Checker