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October 23, 2023

Model Sounds Inc. is now closed permanently for the retirement of its principals. We thank all of our very loyal customers for their support over the last 18 years.


"I received the ShockWave 3 sound system. Credit goes to you, David, it is absolutely incredible. I am so impressed with the sound and output and only using one speaker. Thank you so much for such a quality RC product."

David Mifsud
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

"I am in the process of building a Vario Cobra, which happens to be 2 meters long, I like the cleanliness of the electric, so I went with an electric motor system, but it was missing the sound/Wow/turbine factor, so I looked online and I came across Model Sounds Inc. At first I was not sure if the sound provided was going to be convincing and realistic. I checked the YouTube videos, and was still not totally convinced. I took my chance and I ordered one, and man, this ShockWave 2 board is a state of the art piece of hardware, so much power pumped into these 4inch speakers, to hear the sound in person is a totally different experience than hearing the YouTube videos. You could even do sync. with light effect such as a Machine Gun, and many more.

Also, this product is 100% backed by its owner and he will answer every single email you send him, with a thorough explanation of the wiring and connections and so on.

I highly recommend this product, it's really not fair to hear the sound over YouTube videos, you need to hear it in person to appreciate its capabilities and how realistic it sounds! "

Tarek Sharkas
London, Ontario, Canada.

"I did a lot of research before buying a sound system for my scratch built Spitfire. Of course price is always a concern, but more important was SOUND! Adding the ShockWave 2 to my Spit has added a whole new dimension to flying. When I push the throttle forward on my Spitfire heads start turning! And crowds start gathering! If you hear it do a flyby you would be hard pressed to not think it was a real Merlin engine overhead.

The newness never wears off, people always stop what they’re doing to watch and listen. I’m currently building a Ziroli P-38 and it will have a Model Sounds Inc. sound system guaranteed!"

Mike McCormick
Alexandria RC Flyers, Minnesota, United States.

"I wanted to thank you again for making such an amazing sound card and for giving all the information out to modelers to succeed in making realistic sounds for scale models (for me, model airplanes).

I've had a chance to blow away several RC modelers over the past few weeks with my Ta-152 using the FW-190D9 Jumo engine sounds. Many people have heard cheap cards and inadequate equipment/installations but they were surprised by your system - 4s pack and a single 4" 4ohm speaker in the aircraft cowl, with a good wooden speaker box doubling as a firewall extension and it is open to the inside of the airframe too (a wood airframe, acting like a guitar or violin) with the sound inlet and a few cool duct holes that also let out a fair amount of sound from the interior."

Ed Putnam
Reno, Nevada, United States

"Not too long ago I purchased one of your ShockWave sound boards. I am from the Medicine Hat Alberta “Medicine Hat RCers’ Club”, and was one of the only ones that had a sound system in their plane. Well today I had an opportunity to take my plane to the field. Without telling anyone about the modification I made, I started the plane up. Boy did I get an audience quick. Everyone was truly amazed and thought this new gadget was the greatest thing to see in an electric plane.

I believe you will get future inquiries from my fellow flyers in the near future. I am very happy with the product. It changes everything for the plane."

Bernd Trommeshauser
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

"Well, I finally got around to building my 700 size Jet-Ranger and, of course, installing my ShockWave sound module. What can I say.... INCREDIBLE!

David, this thing rocks!! I've never made a video before but I will get one of my flying mates to do one and post it to you. I'm really happy with the end result and am looking to maiden it in the next day or so. Like I said.... This thing rocks! I have a 700 size UH-1 Huey, that I'm just starting now and I am already playing with my second sound module which I totally love the blade chop...

Anyway, just want to commend you on a great product and keep up the good work. Really appreciate what you do."

Craig Guest,
Melbourne, Australia

"I thought you might like to know what happened at the Scale Masters event in Indiana. First let me say that the ShockWave sound system was the hit of the show. I handed out a number of brochures including one to the announcer. Every time I flew I could hear him talk about Model Sounds and the sound system.

As to my performance I was awarded special plaques for: Engineering Achievement, Best Golden Age Aircraft, Nasa Flight Achievement Award (not the space centre). I also finished third in the expert class. I do not think I would have done as well if it had not been for your sound system. Many thanks for your help."

Philip Soden,
Pontypool, Ontario, Canada

"As a novice to the radio control area of the hobby, especially when it comes to wanting sound effects for my 1/96th scale model of H.M.C.S. Nootka (circa 1951), I want to thank David for his wealth of knowledge and his on going assistance in all areas regarding his fantastic sound system.

I now know that some of my questions must have seemed very strange, but he was always there to guide me along. The ShockWave Version sound system is without a doubt the ultimate in sound systems for the scale modeller of ships!

Thanks again David, and you can be assured, that I will be a returning customer for my next ship endeavour."

Richard Davidson
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

"Being a novice RC pilot and a computer idiot, I was apprehensive about attempting sound on my P-47. After contacting Model Sounds Inc. and purchasing a ShockWave sound module, David took me under his wing and showed tremendous patience and knowledge. There aren’t many companies out there that get personally involved with their customers. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have his gracious and encouraging help. The system is great and so is the company."

Lee Cable
Lake George, Colorado, United States

"I love this sound card. Setup a test system on my work bench and everything is working perfectly, even better than I expected. I used a 3S 500mAh LiPo I had laying around. Ran some tests and I should get in a good three 6min flights before I'm below 3.75V per cell. Very impressive how little power it uses for the high quality sound it produces.

I had so much fun I put it in my FMS P51 Mustang, and played with it all night long. The Machine Guns sound so good even with the motor sound running. I can't believe how loud it is on one speaker, I can't even imagine what 2X 20watt speakers on a 6S will sound like. You have an amazing product, and I will highly recommend it to others.".

Rick Samuels
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

"I wish to thank David Harrison for his patience and understanding. Contacting him numerous times with my problems, not the sound system, he took the time to explain clearly and in a layman's language. I would have no hesitation recommending David Harrison and his sound system to anyone. I am a retired registered board of trade engineer (trading standards) and it was a pleasure doing business with Model Sounds Inc. In today's world it is very rarely you get a service like this and I will be doing business with them in the future".

Joseph McGraa
Stevenston, North Ayrshire, Scotland

"Ever since childhood I have always wanted to build a Spitfire model especially as the Spitfire flew just one month before I was born. Now retired, I have been able to achieve my wish to build a Spitfire (a Top Flite kit) which I modified to electric power. The plane is 1/7 scale and it flew better than hoped apart that it was very silent. I decided to fit a sound system and proceeded to investigate the market. Model Solutions of Canada, when approached, suggested their SFX6.4 sound module loaded with the famous Merlin engine sound plus four other sound clips.

All communications with Model Solutions was professional and helpful and, after ordering, the delivery was fast. I did have some problems due to my errors and each time Model Solutions gave me every help. In flight the sound system is superb and it is the centre of attention at all the flying clubs I go to. I have heard the comment from a fellow modeller who has a sound system from another supplier that the o ne from Model Solutions is louder which is important when flying in a big open field. I have no hesitation in recommending this sound system."

Ian Watts
Bolton, Lancashire, England

"Just thought I'd let you know that your SFX6 sound module and speaker has turned my electric powered B-17 from a whingeing apparition into a roaring beast with real presence in the air! I thought it would be hard to install and set up, but it was no trouble at all. Very comprehensive manual and very friendly and quick responding email support."

Colin Block
Dublin, Ireland

"I thought I would drop you a note and let you know that my King Tiger Tank passed its first systems integration test. I performed a test run in the garage and all systems including hull/suspension, electronics, and sound system performed flawlessly! I highly recommend the sound system from MSC! David Harrison, CEO and Chief Engineer, has developed a sound system which, in my opinion, can't be beat! The sound files for the King Tiger are the best I have ever heard! His customer service is first rate and he is willing to listen to suggestions for improvement. Like you, he is willing to answer questions and responds quickly by email. Anyone purchasing one of your tank kits should also purchase his sound system."

Gail Philips
Spring, Texas, United States

"I am very pleased with your great high end quality sound system. Last week was Father's Day in Hamilton. We were asked to bring Billy Bishop's plane to the event. The aircraft with your sound system was really great and had wonderful feedback. People were amazed that this plane could sound like the real sound of a French Le Rhône engine. Also the Lewis gun firing - a friend has helped me to put the LEDs into the end of the gun barrel - yes it lights up at the same time as you hear the gun fire of the Lewis gun.

I joined the Burlington flying club this week. I had my first flight this Canada day and we had our first flight with the Nieuport and we also filmed the flight. The plane flew fantastic - yes we got it down in one piece and the sound system sounded great and it survived the full flight as well. We also went to Owen Sound where Wing and Wheels was having an event at Billy Bishop airport.

The weather was not that great but we managed to be in a hanger and a lot of interested people came to see Billy Bishop's plane. The plane was very well received plus the sound system performed flawlessly thanks to you David".

Jeffrey Tradburks
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"I had the pleasure of installing the SFX6 system in my new Hanger 9 Fokker D VII. I used two 4 Ohm speakers in series, and connected LED lights onto the Machine Gun tips. The system worked very well right 'out of the box', and any questions I had were promptly and completely answered by Model Solutions within a day. My electric plane has a superb sound now, and the Machine Guns are fantastic. The plane is a terrific hit at my flying field".

Dr. John Falconer
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

"I am very happy with the SFX6 sound board. I have been spending a lot of time on the speaker mounting, just bolting the speaker to the wheelhouse floor was not so good. Testing of this has been done with playing classical music through a 40 watt stereo system. I have built a fancy speaker box that greatly improves the fidelity and volume of the sounds and also aids to the stability of the vessel by lowering the centre of gravity of the heavy little speaker, as you can see, the speaker box not only puts sound up into the wheelhouse but also channels it out under the overhang of the main deck roofing through a long elongated hole that is hidden under the roof overhang.

I have had a lot of fun playing with this system and tested it with the sound card a couple of days ago using a couple of 6 volt lantern batteries for the power supply. I am extremely pleased with the results, 2nd click-up on the volume is good, and the next notch up is more than enough, the sound is crisp and clear and it is only drawing 300 mA with ample volume. The speaker enclosure made a world of difference.

The software disc that came with the sound module has proven to be most valuable, the first thing I did was to print myself the 21 page sound module operations manual that gave me all the info required to confidently go ahead with the installation.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product and would strongly recommend it to anybody that is wondering what to do with their model tug to make a lot of noise".

Mike Lloyd
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

"I just got home from a great day at the flying field and a successful test of my SFX5.3 module from Model Solutions of Canada. The first flight of the year and the first with on board sound, what a blast. The glow pilots at the field were really impressed when I put the plane down and walked away to go through the start up with sound (they knew I only flew electric and were bowled over when the Hispano-Suiza cranked up) :-). From there it got even better. I could hear all the comments from the pits as I took the SE5 through it paces.

When some in the pits yelled out did I have guns and I gave them a 3 round burst from the Lewis and Vickers they were very appreciative. The flight was perfect right down to the crackling exhaust on the final approach and the shut down. All I can say is, the sound system adds such a layer of scale realism to an electric plane that I never want to go back."

Guy Fawcett
Devon, Alberta, Canada

"I've been watching and waiting for a sound module that was within my price range, and was surprised to find the SFX5.3 module from Model Solutions of Canada that was not only less expensive than anything else on the market, but also had a better feature set... including the ability to play back two sounds at once (gotta have guns!), and trigger other things like flashing LED's for guns and flap sounds. But what really blew me away was the open architecture of their system.

"What? I can plug the module into my laptop and change sound sets at will? I can make my own sounds and download them to the module?" It sounded too good to be true! I placed an order and boy was I surprised. The hardware was straight-forward and the software was a breeze to use. In just a few hours I had my system wired, software installed on my laptop, I had modified one of the sound sets on a radial engine and loaded it back on the module successfully, and it all just worked! Sometimes this hobby can be tedious, especially the electronics side of things, but this system is just plain fun."

Todd Sheridan
Utah Flyers Organization, Utah, United States

“Being in Taiwan, ordering anything internationally is always a crapshoot. When I ordered the SFX5.3 with speaker, the speaker arrived crushed and unusable. I contacted David and he not only responded immediately, but also offered to send a new one to me at no additional cost. Ordering from 10,000km away the one thing you don’t expect is service and yet from that distance, David was able to show me his commitment to his customers. This is not just a fine product but a fine product from an extraordinary company. It really has been a great experience, David. Thank you."

Eugene Chuang
Taipei, Taiwan

"I was (extremely) happy with the support I received from Model Solutions of Canada. I had a radio system that had a unique requirement. Add to this, my limited electronic trouble shooting skills, caused several challenging back and forth email/telephone sessions with Model Solutions. I must say they hung in there with me long after I thought they would have given up. And, ultimately found the quirk of my radio system. They then made component adjustments to allow their SFX4-4 system to function properly with my radio. This support bought them a lifelong promoter and user of their products."

Clay Thoresen
Chambersburg, PA, United States

"Purchased the SFX4-4 Premium Sound Effects Module from Model Solutions of Canada for my latest project, a Canadian Flower Class Corvette in 1/48th scale . Because of space considerations within the model, what attracted me was fact that you get a PC programmable sounds effect unit and a built in 16 channel decoder in one module. With this one high quality dependable module, I can control 8-10 different sounds as well as external navigation lights and the functional anchor winch. Highly recommended".

Ted Scrivens
Rideau Nautical Modellers, Ottawa, Canada

"What I particularly liked about the Model Solutions of Canada sound unit is that I can change and add up to ten of my own sounds in it. The owner is great to work with and has stayed in contact, has patiently answered my questions, delivered the product on time, and has supplied a quality product."

Steve McKenzie
Rideau Nautical Modellers, Ottawa, Canada

"I'm very happy with the sound module. Although the Snowberry is not yet finished (still needs a lot of upper deck stuff) I already spent several hours on a nearby pond with it. The module makes it much more realistic and really is an added value! The accompanying software is straight-forward and runs without any problem, setting up the thing is a piece of cake and in case of a question you get great service, what more can I say! I'm sure this is going to draw some attention on the pond in the summer..."

Johan Jacobs
Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium

"Thought I’d just drop you a line to say how impressed I’ve been with your customer service. I’ve been dealing and buying on the Net since it started and never have I had such pleasant and responsive service as I’ve enjoyed from you. It really is exceptional. I think you should quit doing sound modules and start teaching the Big Boys how to look after their customers; you sure could give them some tips on how to improve their act. Keep up the good work – it truly restores one’s faith in dealing online".

Peter de Pradines

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