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Model Sounds Inc.is Now Closed

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October 23, 2023

Model Sounds Inc. is now closed permanently for the retirement of its principals. We thank all of our very loyal customers for their support over the last 18 years.


Model Sounds Inc.is Now Closed


For the last 18 years, the owners and operators of Model Sounds Inc. have enjoyed contributing to the RC Model community with our sound systems and helping all our customers enhance the realism of their models ranging from modern jet airplanes to WWI bi-planes, turbine and piston-engined helicopters and myriad types of boats and tanks. We have had fun helping modellers add machine gun fire sounds to their (real) trucks, wheelchairs, and sound effects to static model museum displays and kiddies' pedal airplanes.

However, it is now time for us to begin a well-deserved retirement and Model Sounds Inc. is in the process of closing down permanently.

We are now ALL SOLD OUT of every product and there will be no more sales or pre-sales support. Warranties on our products will be honoured within the warranty period of six months from the date you received them.

Our website will be available until our web hosting plan expires which is September 24, 2024. In the mean time, self-help will be available on the Support section of our website through various manuals, instructions and articles written by me over the years.

We will be looking at recommending an alternate product/supplier in due course and, if that pans out, we'll make an announcement at the appropriate time.

We thank all of our very loyal customers for their support over the last 18 years.

David and Sandra Harrison
Model Sounds Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.