How To Video Gallery

Welcome to our How To Videos.
This is a gallery of professional videos produced for us by Whirlybird Video Productions.

What's New:

August 08, 2020

All USA and International orders are now shipped by DHL courier service.

August 01, 2020

USB SD/microSD card reader now included with ShockWave 3 sound module and all ShockWave 3 sound systems.

July 19, 2020

New WWII LCM3 Landing Craft, and DusselDorf FireFighting Boat sound sets now available, bringing our total boat sound sets to 57!

July 13, 2020

Model Sounds Inc. is now "Quality in Business Certified".

June 12, 2020

DopplerFX accessory board for enhanced Doppler Shift and ShockWave 3 5.1.0 upgrade available now.

How To Video Gallery

ShockWave Sound Module
Unpacking/Wiring and
Changing Sounds Demo
ShockWave Sound Module
Install in FMS 1700mm
F4U Corsair
ShockWave Sound Module
FMS 1700mm F4U Corsair
First Taxi Run
ShockWave Sound Module
Install in 500 size Bell Huey
Helicopter and first Flight
ShockWave Sound Module
Quick Disconnects
ShockWave Sound Module
Install in a 600 size MD500 helicopter