Terms and Conditions

What's New:

October 23, 2023

Model Sounds Inc. is now closed permanently for the retirement of its principals. We thank all of our very loyal customers for their support over the last 18 years.

Terms and Conditions

Currency and Payment Methods

Model Sounds Inc. conducts its on-line business transactions in United States dollars, even though we are a Canadian Company. This is largely because most of our inventory components are purchased in U.S dollars. Also U.S. and International customers are more familiar with the value of the U.S. dollar than they are the Canadian dollar. The billed amount in U.S. dollars will be converted to your local currency at checkout time using whatever exchange rate is in effect by the payment method/institution you choose.

During the on-line checkout process we use PayPal as the payment gateway. Therefore we accept any payment method that PayPal accepts. These are :

  1. Visa Credit card.
  2. MasterCard Credit card.
  3. PayPal account.

If you cannot use any of these methods, you can send an email to us at contactus@modelsoundsinc.com detailing your order requirements and then you can pay using any of the following methods :

  1. Western Union.
  2. Bank Draft (cashiers cheque) or Money order, in U.S. funds, mailed to us..
  3. Cash or cheque, in Canadian funds, for local Ottawa purchases delivered in person. We will convert the U.S. price to Canadian funds before the transaction takes place.
  4. Bank eTransfer (within Canada only).

Shipping and Insurance

Initial shipping charges are added at check-out time based on the total order value only. This does not take into account shipment weight, size or destination. Orders containing loudspeakers or other heavy components may attract higher shipping rates due to their size and weight. Orders to countries outside Canada may attract higher shipping charges depending on the destination. An additional PayPal invoice will be sent if higher shipping charges apply.

If you wish to insure the shipment against loss or damage in the mail you should select an insured shipping service such as CanadaPost Xpresspost. See below for more details on Loss or Damage During Shipping.

For most countries, Xpresspost covers the full order value insurance. For some countries, Xpresspost includes only CAD$100.00 maximum insurance, depending on the foreign postal administration.

Loss or Damage During Shipping

If a package is fully insured and tracked, by using the Canada Post Xpresspost service or an equivalent insured service, if the package gets lost in the mail or is damaged, we will send a replacement free of charge and we will process an insurance claim against Canada Post to cover the loss.

If you choose a less expensive but uninsured service, e.g. Small Packet Air, that service carries NO insurance coverage whatsoever, therefore the buyer is responsible for the loss and the buyer has no claim against Model Sounds Inc.

We strongly encourage all customers to take the fully insured Xpresspost shipping service to guard against loss in the mail.

Chargebacks/PayPal Disputes

In the extremely rare circumstance that your order does not arrive in the mail, DO NOT raise a chargeback to your credit card company or initiate a PayPal dispute. If you paid up front for an insured and tracked mail service, then your package is insured with Canada Post and we can make a claim for the lost order. In that case we will send you a replacement order.

However, if you did not pay for a tracking number AND insurance coverage and/or declined insurance coverage offered to you, the loss is 100% yours and we will not accept ANY attempted chargeback from you, and you have NO CLAIM WHATSOEVER against Model Sounds Inc. Insurance coverage MUST be purchased at the time of placing the order.

Insurance, after all, has to be purchased. For example, if you did not purchase house insurance and it burnt down, you would have to carry 100% of the loss. Insurance against loss in transit is no different.

Foreign Customs Duties and Taxes

For shipments to destinations outside Canada, the customer is responsible for any customs import duties, taxes or brokerage fees levied by the destination country. We cannot tell you ahead of time how much these charges will be. Every country's customs laws are different. It is up to you, the importer, to make yourself aware of your own country's importation laws and customs tariffs.

We are not allowed by any shipping carrier to declare the value for customs less than the insured value.

Please do not ask us to declare a lower value to avoid customs duties as this is illegal and may make us liable for fines and other penalties


Our Returns and Refunds Policies can be found here.


Our warranty information is here.

Operational Hours and Turn Around Time

Our normal operational hours are 10:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Thursday, EST/EDT, excepting Canadian Statutory and Ontario public holidays and our own vacations. Our normal turnaround time for both orders and technical enquiries is 2 BUSINESS Days. However, this is not guaranteed and may vary depending on the volume of orders and/or enquiries active at the time. Also large orders or orders requiring special configuration may take longer.