Boat/Ship Sound Clips

What's New:

May 29, 2017

New T-45 Goshawk trainer airplane sound set now available bringing our total airplane sounds to 99!!

May 19, 2017

New Douglas SBD Dauntless airplane sound set now available bringing our total airplane sounds to 98!!

March 17, 2017

New Sikorsky S-76C helicopter sound set now available bringing our total helicopter sounds to 37!!

February 19, 2017

New A10 Thunderbolt GAU-8 Avenger Gatling cannon sound.
Verified as authentic by an
ex-A10 pilot.

Boat/Ship Sound Clips

We reserve the right to add, change or remove sound clips at any time. We do not make available complete .sfx7 sound sets for download for model boats as we have found that every customer wants a different mix of sounds for their particular boat. Therefore there are not "standard" sound sets like there are for aircraft, helicopters and tanks.

In the table below, the duration is the length of the sound clip when played once. By default, all sounds clips will loop indefinitely whilst triggered.

If you want to hear a sound clip, please send us an email at

When requesting sound clip samples, please send us a polite and courteous email with please, thank you, regards etc. and include your first and last names, how you heard of us and your location. We will ignore any requests that do not do this.

Sound Clip Category Sound Clip Name Duration (secs)
Bells Buoy bell 9.99
Ships Bell Slow - Single "ding" per ring 16.56
Ships Bell Slow - Two 'dings" per ring 10.50
Boat Engines Atlas 1929 6 cylinder engine start and run 22.92
Detroit Diesel Engine Full Sound Set Various
MAN Diesel Engine Full Sound Set Various
PT109 Engines Full Sound Set
(Three Packard V12 engines)
PT109 start with MTB running sounds Various
Large ships Diesel engine 9.48
Two cylinder Diesel engine 9.65
TurboCat Air starter with EMD Twin Diesels running 9.99
Four cylinder Worthington marine diesel Full Sound Set Various
Steamer engine 29.74
Triple Expansion Steam engine 14.93
Twin cylinder steam engine 11.07
Ships gas turbine 7.94
Parsons Steam turbine 10.01
Frigate steam turbine with speed variations 30.46
Single diesel locomotive engine full sound set (yeah, we know it's a loco, but it sounds really good in a large tug boat). 30.03
Fishing Trawler Seagulls, large flock 29.70
Seagulls Kipling cries 29.81
Harbour sounds 1 8.60
Harbour sounds 2 7.58
Fog Horn Short 2 bursts 5.21
Small engine false start 16.71
Two cylinder diesel engine 9.65
Fog Horns Fog Horn – 3 blasts 10.15
Fog Horn, long deep, close 19.51
Tug Boat Fog Horn Two Tone 11.85
Small Air Horn 4.16
Large Air Horn 10.00
Life Boats Police siren 3.5
VHF Radio Chatter - poor reception, vessel in distress - American accent 58.31
Naval ASROC (Anti-Submarine Rocket) Launch 7.36
Browning 0.50 calibre Machine Gun, multiple bursts 16.60
20 mm Anti- Aircraft cannon 7.94
4” Deck Gun or 105mm Howitzer 13.37
MK45 5inch Gun two Shots 5.50
Incoming Howitzer - 2 Shells Exploding 14.61
16” Deck Gun 3 shots 10.93
General Quarters Klaxon 3.2
General Quarters Announcement (American accent) 8.10
37mm Gun 5 Shots 11.08
40mm Gun Multiple Shots 16.642
40mm PomPom Gun Multiple Shots 10.82
50mm Gun Multiple Shots 10.45
57mm Bofors Cannon 3 shots 9.79
76mm Oto Melara Gun 8 shots 8.64
Phalanx CIWS (Close In Weapons System) Firing 15.68
Warship whooper 2.30
MK46 Surface Torpedo Launch 7.79
Submarine Torpedo Release 1 2.95
Submarine Torpedo Release 2 6.09
Submarine Torpedo Release 3 5.74
Sonar ping with return, close 5.76
Sonar Ping with return echo and closing 29.42
Submarine "Man Battle Stations Torpedo - Sound the General Alarm" 12.21
Submarine Dive Klaxon short 2.98
Submarine Dive Klaxon long 25.23
Steam Vessels Calliope 27.85
Steamer engine fast 29.74
Steamship whistle 10.2
River Boat Whistle 4.6
Old time steam whistle 5.8
Thunderboats Rolls Royce Merlin powered hydroplane 25.45
Lake Tahoe Thunderbird Classic Mahogany race boat Engine sound set Various
Riva Super Aquarama Twin 400HP V8 Various
Riva Super Ariston Single V8 Various
Tow Boat Tow Boat Air horns 3.4
Turbocat Air Starter 6.9
TurboCat Air starter with EMD Twin Diesels 8.7
Tug Boat Modern Diesel Tug Boat horn 3.6
Tug Boat Fog Horn Two Tone 11.9
Large tugboat diesel engine 9.5
Vintage tugboat diesel 30.0
Single diesel locomotive engine starting and idle (yeah, we know it's a loco, but it sounds really good in a large tug boat) 30.0