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How to Upgrade ShockWave 3 to 5.1.1

Here, you can find firmware and support files and instructions for upgrading ShockWave 3 sound modules to release 5.1.1.

What's New:

February 15, 2022

New Learjet 35-70 executive jet sound set added bringing our total airplane sound sets
to 123.

November 06, 2021

New Shelley Foss Tugboat sound set added bringing our total boat sound sets to 75.

September 27, 2021

New RNL Tamar Class lifeboat sound set added bringing our total boat sound sets to 74.

September 05, 2021

Many Battleship/Warship sound sets added bringing our total boat sound sets to 73.

Upgrading ShockWave 3 to 5.1.1

The release 5.1.1 of firmware and software for the ShockWave 3 sound module is a significant major release. This involves more than simply re-flashing the firmware as additional support files are also required. The steps required are:

  1. Remove the microSD card from the ShockWave 3 sound module and insert it into a card reader on your PC.

  2. Download the required upgrade support package to your PC hard drive from here: ShockWave 3 Firmware and Support Files (75MBytes) ZIP file.

  3. Unzip that file by opening it in Windows Explorer to extract all the files and folders inside it.

  4. Copy all those files and folders to the root folder of the microSD card.
    Allow any existing files to be overwritten.

  5. Re-insert the microSD card into the ShockWave 3 sound module.

  6. Re-flash the firmware to the ShockWave 3 sound module by following the instructions here: Click here for instructions for upgrading your ShockWave 3 firmware using the microSD card Bootloader.

  7. If you have previously purchased our ShockWave 3 PC Windows software, you will also need to upgrade that to version 5.1.1. Please send us an email at contactus@modelsoundsinc.com to request access to ShockWave 3 PC 5.1.1.

  8. If you want to use the new "Remote Scroll Through Mode" feature which relies on self announcement sound clips in each and every .sfx8 sound set file, then please contact us at contactus@modelsoundsinc.com. We will then make a subset of the .sfx8 sound set files you really need available for download from a file sharing service.