Bell Helicopters Sound Suite

Our Sound Suites are collections of related airplane, helicopter, boat or tank sound sets for the ShockWave 3 sound module and sound systems, delivered on a microSD card.

What's New:

September 17, 2019

All new Sound Suites for
ShockWave 3 now available.

June 07, 2019

New Cirrus SR22 sound set now available, bringing our total airplane sounds to 109!

March 27, 2019

New McDonnell Douglas MD-902 helicopter sound set now available, bringing our total helicopter sounds to 40!

February 20, 2019

New 5th generation ShockWave 3 sound module released. Many new features making it our best yet.

January 12, 2019

New Panzer II Luchs Tank sound set now available bringing our total tank sounds to 12.

Bell Helicopters Sound Suite

This suite, for Bell helicopters, can be purchased here:


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Sound Set Name Sound Set Description
Bell 47 Bell 47 Helicopter sound set.
Bell 206 Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter sound set.
Bell 212 Bell 212 Twin Turbine Helicopter sound set.
Bell 222 Bell 222 Helicopter sound set.
Bell 222 Airwolf Airwolf Helicopter sound set with Airwolf sound effects - Airwolf theme tune, guns, rocket, door hiss.
Bell 407 Bell 407 Helicopter sound set.
Bell 407-2 Bell 407 Helicopter with delayed rotor wash sound set.
Bell 412 Bell 412 Four blade helicopter sound .
Bell 429 Bell 429 Helicopter sound set.
Bell Iroquois (Huey) UH1 Bell Iroquois (Huey) UH1 Helicopter sound set.

We reserve the right to add, change or remove sound clips or sound sets at any time.