Helicopter Sounds Available

At Model sounds Inc., we have the widest range of helicopter sounds for R/C Models on the planet. And it grows constantly.

What's New:

July 03, 2018

The wordmark ShockWave is now an officially registered Trade Mark, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

June 04, 2018

New Dominie 125 (Hawker Siddley 125) jet airplane sound set now available bringing our total airplane sounds to 104!

April 06, 2018

New Gloster Meteor airplane jet sound set now available bringing our total airplane sounds to 103!

February 24, 2018

New F4 Phantom airplane jet sound set now available bringing our total airplane sounds to 102!

February 21, 2018

HMS Hood sound set now available bringing our total boat sounds to 41!

Helicopter Sounds Available

We reserve the right to add, change or remove sound clips or sound sets at any time.

If you want to hear a sound clip, please send us an email at contactus@modelsoundsinc.com.

When requesting sound clip samples, please send us a polite and courteous email with please, thank you, regards etc. and include your first and last names, how you heard of us and your location. We will ignore any requests that do not do this.

All military helicopter sound sets include appropriate weapons fire sounds.

Sound Set Name Sound Set Description
Alouette III
Aerospatiale Alouette III Engine Full Sound Set
Lama SA315B
Aerospatiale Lama SA315B Engine Full Sound Set
Agusta Westland
Agusta Westland AW101 Triple Turbine Helicopter Sound set
Agusta Westland
Agusta Westland AW109 Twin Turbine Helicopter Sound set
Airwolf Airwolf Helicopter sound set with Airwolf sound effects - Airwolf theme tune, guns, rocket, door hiss.
Apache AH-64 Apache AH-64 Helicopter sound set
Bell AH-1 Cobra Bell AH-1 Cobra Helicopter sound set
Bell Iroquois
(Huey) UH1
Bell Iroquois (Huey) UH1 Helicopter sound set
Bell 47 Bell 47 Helicopter sound set
Bell 206 Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter sound set
Bell 212 Bell 212 Twin Turbine Helicopter sound set
Bell 222 Bell 222 Helicopter sound set
Bell 407 Bell 407 Helicopter sound set
Bell 407-2 Bell 407 Helicopter with delayed rotor wash sound set
Bell 412 Bell 412 Four blade helicopter sound set
Bell 429 Bell 429 Helicopter sound set
Sikorsky UH-60
Blackhawk Sikorsky Helicopter sound set
Chinook Chinook Helicopter sound set
Eurocopter EC120B Eurocopter EC120B Helicopter sound set
Eurocopter EC135 Eurocopter EC135 twin Turbine Helicopter sound set
Eurocopter EC145 Eurocopter EC145 twin Turbine Helicopter sound set
Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma Helicopter sound set
Eurocopter AS350B2 Eurocopter AS350B2 Helicopter sound set
Eurocopter AS350B3 Eurocopter AS350B3 Helicopter sound set
Eurocopter AS355 Eurocopter AS355 Helicopter sound set
Hughes OH-6A Hughes OH-6A Helicopter sound set
Sikorsky MH-60T
Jayhawk Sikorsky Helicopter sound set
Kamov KA-32 Kamov KA-32 Helicopter sound set
McDonnell Douglas MD500 McDonnell Douglas MD500 Helicopter Sound set
McDonnell Douglas MD500D McDonnell Douglas MD500D Helicopter Sound set
McDonnell Douglas MD500E McDonnell Douglas MD500E Helicopter Sound set
Bölkow-Blohm BO-105
Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm BO-105 Helicopter sound set
Robinson R22 Robinson R22 Piston Engined Helicopter Sound set
Schweizer 300C Schweizer 300C Helicopter sound set
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Helicopter sound set
Sikorsky H34D-S58 Sikorsky H34D-S58 Radial Piston Engined Helicopter sound set
Sikorsky S-76C Sikorsky S-76C Helicopter sound set