Snubber Diodes

Connect these diodes across the switched outputs of the ShockWave 2 module if you use them to switch inductive loads such as motors or relays.

What's New:

November 14, 2019

All Sound sets for Airplanes, or Helicopters, or boats, or tanks now included with
ShockWave 3.

June 07, 2019

New Cirrus SR22 sound set now available, bringing our total airplane sounds to 110!

March 27, 2019

New McDonnell Douglas MD-902 helicopter sound set now available, bringing our total helicopter sounds to 40!

February 20, 2019

New 5th generation ShockWave 3 sound module released. Many new features making it our best yet.

January 12, 2019

New Panzer II Luchs Tank sound set now available bringing our total tank sounds to 12.

Snubber Diode - 50V - 1A

Name : Snubber Diode - 50V - 1A

Item Number : SND-50V-1A


LED flasher and switched outputs on our ShockWave 2 sound modules are designed to switch LEDs or lamps, not inductive loads. If you wish to switch any inductive load such as a relay, small motor, solenoid etc., you MUST connect a "snubber" device across the load to prevent reverse inductive kickback voltages from damaging the sound module.

These fast acting Schottky diodes are rated for a reverse voltage of 50V so are able to handle any inductive kickback likely to be generated from loads that our modules can switch. Connect them in reverse across the load so that in normal operation they do not conduct, but when the current is shut off, they conduct the inductive kickback and so prevent it from entering the sound module.

Failure to protect a sound module by not using these diodes VOIDS the sound module warranty.