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Model Sounds Inc. Manuals

Here, you can find the quick-start guide and the full reference manuals for our ShockWave 3 Sound Module board and our ShockWave 3 PC Windows Software.

What's New:

January 26, 2021

New 5.1.1 release of ShockWave 3 firmware and Software. Exciting new features - Afterburner light controller + automatic sync. with Afterburner sound and much more.

January 06, 2021

New Aero Vodochody L39 Albatros Jet Trainer sound set now available bringing our total airplane sound sets to 118.

January 01, 2021

New Article - Integrating Afterburner Light Sets with ShockWave 3.

August 01, 2020

USB SD/microSD card reader now included with ShockWave 3 sound module and all ShockWave 3 sound systems.

June 12, 2020

DopplerFX accessory board for enhanced Doppler Shift and ShockWave 3 5.1.0 upgrade available now.

Model Sounds Inc. ShockWave 3 Manuals

  1. Current Production Release 5.1.1

  2. Previous Production Release 5.1.0
  3. Earlier Release 5.0.2