2.0inch (50mm) 20 Watt Exciter

This small exciter can be used with our ShockWave 2 Sound Module when powered on up to 18 Volts (5S LiPo). Or use two wired in series with our ShockWave 2 Sound Module on 26 Volts (6S LiPo) for full power output.

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August 01, 2020

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2.0inch (50mm) Exciter

Name : 2 inch 20 Watt Exciter- 4 Ohm

Item Number : EX2IN-20W-4Ohm
Size : 51mm x 51mm x 21mm (2.0" x 2.0" x 0.8")
Weight : 80 grams (2.6oz)


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Exciters work by vibrating the surface to which they are attached. Thus, They may be attached to a flat surface (using the self-adhesive double side tape ring) to the inside of your airplane/helicopter fuselage, boat or tank hull etc. without cutting holes for a conventional loudspeaker. They are small and light weight.

However, the sound they produce, both volume and tonal quality, is very variable and depends heavily on the type of material to which they are attached. Factors such as type of material, (wood, fibreglass, foam etc.), stiffness, thickness, all play significant roles in determining the volume and quality of the sound.

And, in order to produce a high volume, they must be driven hard and they must vibrate the surface to which they are attached quite vigorously. Thus your airplane, heli., boat or tank model is going to be subjected to this structural stress when the sound is playing.

Dense aircraft foam between 3-5mm (about 1/8inch to 3/16inch) thick works well so try to find an area in your model that has this thickness and is flat.

Epoxied areas are much stiffer and more rigid and are not recommended for use with exciters unless the epoxy is very thin and the surface is flexible..