DopplerFX® Accessory Board

This revolutionary accessory for our ShockWave 3 sound system provides enhanced Doppler Shift effects. In conjunction with the ShockWave 3 sound module, the DopplerFX board can make a model airplane sound as though it is going as fast as Mach 0.5 (384 mph or 616km/hr)!

What's New:

July 05, 2020

New OV-10 Bronco sound set now available, bringing our total airplane sounds to 115!

June, 2020

DopplerFX accessory board for enhanced Doppler Shift and ShockWave 3 5.1.0 upgrade available now.

May 20, 2020

New USS Bunker Hill and Twin Riva Ariston boat sound sets bring our total boat sounds to 54.

February 25, 2020

New B24 Liberator sound set now available, bringing our total airplane sounds to 114!

February 14, 2020

New Sikorsky CH53E Super Stallion Helicopter sound set now available, bringing our total helicopter sounds to 42!

DopplerFX Accessory Board

Name : DopplerFX
Item Number : DopplerFX
Dimensions : 51mm x 23mm x 4mm
                     (2.0" x 0.91" x 0.16")
Weight : 8 grams (0.3oz)

Included with this board :
1 x 4 wire 270mm long connecting cable,
4 x #4-40 threaded nylon spacers,
4 x #4 pan-head screws

DopplerFX Manual available on-line here

Check out our optional DopplerFX
mounting case here.

Hear our DopplerFX Demonstration Audio here.


This DopplerFX board is absolutely unique in the RC world. This innovative device receives input from its on-board GNSS receiver and passes that information to its host ShockWave 3 sound module. The ShockWave 3 sound module then calculates what the Doppler frequency shift should be depending on the model's position relative to its starting point and its speed multiplied by a user settable "Speed Multiplication Factor".

The model will exhibit a mild Doppler frequency shift due to its own motion, but because the model's speed is much slower than the real airplane, this Doppler shift effect is quite mild. Our ShockWave 3 sound module allows the modeller to "dial up" a model speed multiplication factor, up to 7 times, by editing a simple DopplerFXsettings.txt text file on the ShockWave 3's microSD card.

This value is then factored into the Doppler frequency shift calculations so that the ShockWave 3 sound module can generate the Doppler frequency shift equivalent to the model flying much faster than it really is. So if your model is flying at 50km/hr it can be made to sound as though it is flying at 350km/hr - Wow! A maximum simulated model speed of 385.26mph (616.42km/hr or Mach 0.5) is possible!

The "start point" or "Observer Position" can be set remotely from the RC transmitter so that it can be set to near the judges location, for example, in a scale flying competition.

DopplerFX® is a trade mark of Model Sounds Inc. registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).